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New Zealand Study Visa

You will need a student visa if you are going to New Zealand for over three months. You can study in New Zealand for a certain amount of time using a student visa. And to opt the same you can contact Visa Voyage. We help the student to reach their dream destination by answering all their queries and help them get Visa. We will also help the student to select the universities & courses in New Zealand.

When you are enrolled in a full-time study program of at least one academic year, you can work full-time on all holidays. You can work full time during the Christmas and New Year holidays if your full-time program lasts at least 8 months and has a minimum of two semesters but is lower than 120 credits.

There are no restrictions on how long you will work if you enroll in the Master’s degree or doctorate program at a New Zealand Tertiary institution.

About New Zealand

New Zealand lies in South Pacific island, Polynesia’s southwest side. New Zealand is a remote land— one of the last large areas suitable for dwelling and settlement — and more than 1,000 miles southeast of its nearest neighbor Australia. The largest area in North-South New Zealand covers about 1000 miles and at its widest point approximately 280 miles (450 km). The area of the country is slightly smaller than in the US, Colorado, and a little more than in the UK. Approximately two-thirds of the country are economically useful, the rest mountainous. The country has an extremely long coastline in relation to its region because of its numerous ports and fjords.

The nation contains two main islands— the North and South Islands — and several small islands, several hundreds of kilometers away from the main group. The capital city is Wellington and Auckland is the largest city; they are both on North Island. The South Pacific island nation of Tokelau is administered by New Zealand and claims a part of the Antarctic. Niue and the Cook Islands are loosely aligned self-governing nations with New Zealand.

New Zealand is a country with great contrasts and diversity. The scenic beauty of New Zealand is all contributing to its active volcanoes, spectacular caves, deep glacier lakes, verdant valleys, dazzling fjords, and long sandy beaches as well as to the spectacular snowcapped peaks of Southern Alps on South Iceland. New Zealand also has a unique range of animals and vegetation, most of which developed during the long isolation of the country. It is the sole birthplace, for instance, of the long-serving, flightless kiwi, New Zealanders ‘ iconic surname.

New Zealand became Polynesia’s largest country until Great Britain invaded it in 1840. It was then a province of the Crown, a colony with sovereignty (1856) and a hegemony (1907). In the 1920s, it regulated almost all of its internal and external affairs, but only in 1947, when it adopted the Westminster Statute, it became fully independent. He is a Commonwealth member.

Why you should study in New Zealand?

  • New Zealand bases its education and degrees on the British system, the most recognized and accredited system of education in the world.
  • As a quality education provider, New Zealand has an international reputation.
  • It has an advanced education system with many state-of-the-art facilities.
  • It provides a secure learning environment with excellent study possibilities and international support services.
  • New Zealanders are known to tourists from abroad for their friendliness, entertainment, and hospitality and for meeting people from other cultures.
  • Courses are available at New Zealand institutions-universities, polytechnics and institutes of technology, schools of education, high schools and private training establishments for technical, professional and vocational studies.
  • Research costs in New Zealand are also considerably lower than in the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom or Canada.
  • The quality assurance practices implemented by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) provide local and international students with confidence in their choice of a study course in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand offers a combination of the benefits of a developed country and the charm of a quiet and peaceful landscape, as an educational destination compared to other countries.
  • New Zealand is the ultimate adventure outdoor playground, from all sorts of excitement and adventure to pure relaxation and pleasure.

Required document to study in New Zealand

International students need to demonstrate to enter university and polytechnic programs that they are both academically qualified and sufficiently skilled in English to meet the requirements of their proposed course. Each institution has specific requirements for English entry, such as appropriate scores in the IELTS or TOEFL exams. The different institutions have information on education and language criteria.

Here is everything:

  • Valid passport –You have to pay a valid passport for a period not exceeding 3 months of your stay
  • completed New Zealand Visa Student Request Form (INZ 1012)
  • Pays in payment for the application, as 330 NZD + Rs. 722 (about) must be paid in advance of the interview.
  • Letters confirming student qualification.
  • Health insurance receipt from your current institution
  • You may be required to show health and character certificates to demonstrate that your intention to be in New Zealand is true.
  • Transcript of all the degrees you have.
  • TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT test score.

Depending on the individual’ s background, the average visa process period taken by the New Zealand High Commission is from 8 and 12 weeks. The students must apply for visas at least 3 months before the start of the course. Through your online request–you must create an online account and fill out the form.

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